I am so glad you found your way here.  Whether you’re a couple struggling with fertility or you want to learn how to prepare your body as much as possible for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, you’re in the right place.  

The Program

At Well Conceived, you'll learn how to shift your lifestyle to help you get pregnant faster and with fewer medical interventions.  This is not your average fertility visit.  You'll get individualized support in making the changes you need to grow a healthy family.


I don’t just want you to get pregnant, I want you to be well along the way. 

Meet Dr. Erin Westaway

I know first hand the worry of fertility issues and the magic of having a child.  My joy is in using my knowledge to support couples in their fertility journey in a way the promotes health for generations.  I want you informed.  I want you empowered.  I want you supported. Most of all, I want you to believe in the awe inspiring capacity of your body not just to heal, but to bring new life into the world.